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Our Story

We couldn’t find a chai that we loved, so we made our own

The creation of the Original Bon Chai Indian Spiced blend was not an overnight achievement. In fact, many painstaking hours, weeks and months went into creating the blend. A blend that maintained its roots to an authentic Masala Chai, yet at the same time a Chai that provided a truly individual and memorable drinking experience.

After much coaxing from devotee friends and family, Jane Spiteri officially launched Bon Chai in late 2011. She was inspired to name her product in honour of a very special woman, Bon, whose memory lives on through this beautiful creation.

From its humble beginnings at several prominent Newcastle and surrounding markets, Bon Chai is nowadays a recognised Chai leader by many Cafes and Retailers throughout Australia. Bon Chai’s natural growth has been attributable to its unwavering reputation for consistency and its delightful point of difference from any other Chai available.

There are no compromises in making Bon Chai. Only the finest ingredients are sourced and crushed to create its palate pleasing blends.
Bon Chai

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